Kolstein "Busseto" Travel Basses For Rental by day, week or month

Finally, a compact travel bass with the full range of tonal qualities, impressive pizz and arco qualities, and esthetics found in conventionally sized basses. Based on a reduced scaling of the late Scott LaFaro's famed Prescott Bass.

-Gamba upper corners, Busetto lower corners, swellback design
-Two-piece slabcut Fir top and Poplar back table with decorative center ebonized joint, matching Poplar ribs
-Prescott style neck and scroll of Poplar
-Specially made Mantovani style gears
-Equipped With The Planet Wing Pickup

-Body length 40 in., Bout widths: Upper 13 3/4 in.,
Center 11 in., Lower 19 in.
-Mensure (string length) 39 in.

-Kolstein Busetto fiberglass travel trunk

E-mail or call for rental rates.