The first upright bass I ever saw stood in a dusty corner of a friends basement and hadn't been played in years and had no strings or bridge. Years later I bought that old Kay bass for $75.00 with the goal to restore and play it. Several months into the start of my design business in 1997 I turned to look at that 1946 Kay upright standing next to my computer table and decided to name my company "Upright Graphics". The name fit since my listening of music, love for Jazz and specialization in designing for the music industry all originated out of my interest in the sound of the bass.

Attending recording sessions and live performances over the years, as part of my design work, continually placed me amongst many of New York city's Jazz musicians. I would often help players with a ride home with their equipment. When you have a car in the city word spreads, and I soon became the one to call if you needed a ride to a venue, recrding studio or one of the surrounding airports.

Reasonable rates, a reliable car and knowing when to leave a tired player alone so they could take a quick nap in the passenger seat helped spread the word. I soon got calls on a regular basis from Hiram Bullock, Will Lee and vibraphonist Joe Locke to transport their personal gear and equipment in and outside New York city.

In 2001, I was hired by Joe Sample's road manager to drive Sample's band for a weekend engagement of performance in NY and PA. There years later I was hired by bassist Marcus Miller to transport some of his electric bass gear and his rare vintage bass clarinet to a special performance in Philadelphia, PA.

Continuing to do transporting in and around New York city, I began to handle upright basses on a steady basis for internationally known bass shops Shank Strings of Elizabethtown PA, and Kolstein's Music of Baldwin New York in 2005. The next two years would be filled with various round and one way trips between the two shops hauling sometimes as many as three or four uprights at a time for their customers who include professional Jazz and Classical players.

Upright Transport truly arrived in June of 2007, when I was chosen by Barry Kolstein to handle the shipment of the late Scott Lafaro's bass to it's first use on a recording session n 46 years since the legendary live recordings at New York City's Village Vangard with Bill Evan's trioin 1961. It would be just ten days later, following those performances that Lafaro, who revolutionized the approach to the upright, was gone, killed in a car accident. He was only 25 years old. Severely fire damaged in the accident, the bass was place in storage for the next 25 years. A emotional subject even today for the Kolstein family, who had befriended Lafaro during his short lifetime and career. The 25th anniversary of the bassist's death, the Vangard recordings and Lafaros' legacy over the years prompted the restoration of the bass in 1986.

The Kolstein family's trust and heart felt appreciation of my services showed me it was time to spread the word on larger scale and in November of 2007 UprightTransport.com was launched.

As of 2009, Upright has been providing it's services for over 10 years and is utilized regularly by World reknown upright bass restoration shops such as Kolstein's, Shank Strings, AES Fine Instruments and Ken Smith Basses to name a few.

Upright Transport looks forward to providing reliable services to the music community for years to come

Jack Frisch